The secret of 1/2 the reps, 2x the sets...

That's me... enough muscle to look like I lift with a ~40 inch vertical jump.

But it wasn't always this way.  I could never do both at once.

It seemed there was no way around it.  Train to get big?  Lose athleticism.  Train to get athletic?  Lose size.

Impossible to get both jacked and jump out of the gym.

Until I found Hypertrophy Clusters.


Hypertrophy clusters is an incredible program, I’ve gained 6kg in lean mass, while increasing strength and maintained power. It’s a very different experience to ‘traditional’ hypertrophy approaches, while still being based on sound physiological principles.

I have been strength training for almost 20 years, and I have been a professional athlete for most of my adult life, and this is the most mass I have ever gained in a strength training program. The set up of each session appeals to the typical power athlete and I’ve not been this excited to train in many years. You will step out of the gym each day feeling like Hercules!

The program is challenging, and Jakes language provides little pep talks throughout; ‘Seriousness… most people are not serious’ got me through the 12x3s. Every session is a win.

- Ben Simons, Professional Athlete


There are three horsemen of muscle size:

  1. Mechanical Tension.  Lift a decently heavy load.
  2. Metabolic Stress.  Get a pump here and there.
  3. Muscle Damage.  Break 'em down.

You keep these three in, do a high amount of work, and you're solid.

Gaining muscle is simple.  But for athletes, this is usually done wrong.

Half the reps (so power output is maintained).

And twice the sets (so you get the same muscle gains).

So simple.

So underutilized.

Like Hannah Montana said, you can get the best of both (or all three) worlds.

Big, Strong, and Powerful.

Why? Because they do too many reps per set.

Grinding, slow reps are great for size but they kill your power output.

Set after set, your nervous system gets slower and slower.

So what should you do?


Chris T.

I ended the basketball season at around 175 lbs. and am now back up to 190 lbs. while feeling the same in terms of explosiveness on the court.  Strength wise, at the end of the season I was benching 70kg for reps and am now benching 80kg for reps.  I’m also back to squatting 140kg for reps after struggling to squat 120kg for reps during the season.

Chris T. Division III Basketball Player
Arne N. Arne N.

Before I started the program, my max 1-rep squat was 315 lbs., I wasn’t able to do 2 reps, now I do 3 reps easily.  My deadlift was 315 for 1 rep and now I do 405 lbs. for 6 reps.  I definitely increased in endurance, power, and I am leaner

Peter A. Peter A., Former Collegiate Baseball Player

In 5 weeks, my back squat has increased 60 lbs., deadlift up 65 lbs., and bench press up 40 lbs. since starting the Hypertrophy Cluster Protocol

Brady S.

A couple months ago I reached out to Jake because I was having trouble finding the right workout for myself.  I didn’t know what to do, I loved to be in the weight room but nothing was transferring over to the ball field for me.  Whenever I did think the workout was good, I would end up with injuries after.  This semester Jake showed me cluster training and I have seen pretty great results with my strength and power.  Three cluster lifts that have been really beneficial for me are the squats, dumbbell bench, and incline dumbbell bench.  I have seen more mass on myself, and I have been throwing the baseball a couple mph faster this year.  Most importantly, I have been injury free while doing a cluster workout every day for the week.

Brady S. Division III Baseball Player
Jerry S., Strength and Conditioning Coach

My bench has increased. But also my hang clean and strict military press have gone up significantly

Zach C. Zach C., Hockey Player

My strength and power have improved significantly.  My shot in hockey has improved in speed, quick release and over all responsiveness in puck control.  Lateral movement has increased in speed, and overall stability and core strength have improved.  I’ve loved it so far, I’m doing round two as of next week.

I’ve always been a hard gainer.  I’ve never weighed more than 153lbs even though I’m a hockey player.  I’ve tried so many times to gain weight, in and out of the gym.  I’ve only been on your program for 2.5 weeks and I’m already up to 155lbs.  Also I was SUPER weak maxing out my front squat at 135lbs, but now I’m front squatting 225.  I’m playing club hockey next season and wanted to get bigger, and in better shape.  After all my failure at gaining weight I’m trying one more time, and I’m already seeing results, and it’s only been 2.5 weeks.

Matt M., Hockey Player
Cole Schreiner

Jake introduced his Hypertrophy Cluster Training to me while I was at Judson University coaching.  We were looking for a program to start our players on to start our spring strength training.  Myself and the rest of the coaching staff didn’t have enough knowledge on how to help our guys get to the next level.  The first three weeks of our strength training you could see that they were getting stronger and gaining mass.  The program was laid out in a format that was easy for our guys to understand so we could get maximal results.  I thought our strength program definitely took a big step while using this program.

Cole Schreiner Northland College Men's Basketball Assistant Coach
Vid M.

Thanks for the program.  It was hard and tough but so worth it.  I can see a lot of changes and a huge progress.  Body feels great and stronger, looks leaner/more muscular as well but to be honest I'm tired.  Well deserved rest time.  Excited for my off week and can't wait to go after it again afterwards.  I would recommend this workout to anyone who wants to get stronger and bigger but is only willing to go hard and to stay disciplined.  If you go hard and take care of all the details around you will see serious gains, no doubt.

Vid M., Collegiate Basketball Player

Jake Tuura's Hypertrophy Cluster Protocol does exactly what it says it will.

A straightforward, easy-for-anyone program that even complete beginners can follow.

Perfect for the person who wants to add functional weightlifting that translates into agility and athletic ability.

The biggest takeaway form his program is...

Big and Strong does NOT mean Bulky and Slow

You don't need to sacrifice explosive power, speed, quickness, agility or reflexes for the sake of getting stronger.

Jake's program shows you how to do it.

And the best part?

You lift MORE raw weight... but don't feel sore at all the next day!

It's the way he splits up the sets and reps.

- David P.

Jake, final week of your hypertrophy program! Been enjoying the crap out of it and learning a lot while doing it... my wife says I look and feel bigger. And athletes at my school are saying I been getting swole.  As a matter of fact, a student that I had last year saw me today and said "Coach, you're getting muscles, good job."

- Alfonso Perez

Tested my back squat 1rm before the first 10x4 lowers session after doing the 8x5 front squat I felt my legs get stronger and managed to hit 200kg for my back squat.  10kg PB and never attempted over 190 before.  When I hit 190 I was 10kg heavier as well

Sam G.
Sam G. Former Semi-Pro Rugby Athlete

Started my offseason with the workout.  In first place I was surprised by how easy it was structured and that it doesn't take a lot of exercises to improve.  Furthermore once I started with the workout, I never had problems to motivate myself.  I was always motivated and inspired by the variation of the program.  The last week was probably the hardest, but also motivated me the most, there I already saw my improvements over the last 5 weeks.  Have lost body fat and gained some weight later, when my muscles started to grow.  Never felt exhausted or had a energy loss.  But I would be lying if I say it was all easy.  I was celebrating when I finished the last rep after those 6 weeks of hard work.  Now I'm hungry for more and ready to keep going.

The key point for me was getting stronger and bigger, which was definitely achieved, big plus was that I was able to shred the gym, get home all tired and wake up fully reloaded and motivated.

Vanja N., Hockey Player



Ilija I.

After the 6 week of Hypertrophy Clusters I feel much stronger.  I have set new PR’s in bench press, deadlift, squats and as well as in pull ups.  I can see a difference in my shape and my vertical jump improved.  I can recommend it to everybody.

Ilija I. Swiss Basketball Player
Jeremiah F.

Oh btw, did 8×5 trap bar with my VB player yesterday.  19.5 to 21.5 inch vert after the lift.

Jeremiah F. Strength Coach, former Rugby Player

I really like the program! I already gained 1 kg muscle.  The program is perfect for me because I don’t have to grind all the sets.  Which allows me to keep good form, speed en recover better.  Thank you so Much!

Michiel B.


An Ebook Explaining All the Science

A 6- to 8-Week Training Plan Laying out Exactly What to Do


  • Background

  • Gain Size, Gain Power: The Concepts

  • The Three Essentials: Tension, Stress, and Volume

  • Clusters: Optimized Hypertrophy Training for Athletes

  • Get Big, Get Fast: Simple, Effective Guidelines

  • Next Up: Get Strong

  • How to Live, How to Eat

A bit of motivation laced in to avoid being soft.

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Research by Jonathan M. Oliver et al.

Graphs taken from research by Jonathan M Oliver et al.

30+ total reps between 50-80% on squat once per week and deadlift once per week creates big changes fast.

Daniel Back, Jump Science

Man idk what it is about your programming but it gets me LIT! Haha ran vertical program and that was sick and now on hypertrophy clusters and the pumps are real biceps feel bruised..wish I could do an internship under you!

Todd H., Basketball Player

I highly recommend this program for absolutely anyone, especially those that want hypertrophy relative to athletic performance.

Casey Szink, Galvanized Fitness

Started your program too today mate.  Nice to have someone else do it for me without me overthinking it from a coaching perspective.. Loving it.

Jack Tyler, JT Performance

Seriously loving the program.  Up 10kg (on Phase 2, 6 weeks in).  I feel like my best progress ever has been off the hypertrophy stuff because I've just followed it to a T.

Bryson N., Basketball Player


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